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Track West Partners is a full-service real estate development firm that specializes in building personalized relationships and developing projects that deliver value for our clients, our investors, and all communities.

Track West recognizes opportunities others may not.

Track West Partners delivers turnkey project solutions. We use highly specialized and proprietary innovative technology to identify unique marketplace opportunities other firms may fail to recognize. This allows us to deliver projects in sectors of the market that are optimized for each individual client’s needs.

Track West uses a personalized approach that offers clients peace of mind.

Track West Partners goes the extra mile to establish individual relationships with every one of our clients. When working with us, clients are engaging directly with the principal partners and receive personal attention to detail with every aspect of the project. We weave ourselves into the clients’ process, we listen to our clients’ needs and goals, and we understand our success is tied to theirs.

Track West Partners is well-capitalized but flexible and creative.

Too often, large firms have rigid processes designed to bolster their bottom line without regard to the changing needs of their clients. Track West Partners take pride in being nimble, thinking outside the box, and avoiding such transactional engagements. Our relationship-oriented approach means we are able to put our considerable assets to work in a client-first manner that results in a unique solutions, better price points, optimal outcomes, and opportunities for ongoing relationships to help our clients continue to expand their real estate portfolios.

Every service we provide is designed to put the client first.

Market Strategy & Site Selection

We specialize in identifying opportunities and engaging in quality analysis of market variations, which are essential components for determining a location that can provide optimal outcomes for each client.

Land Acquisition

Our team has extensive experience with securing assets and land holdings for developmental purposes. We know that every client has a special vision for their business and we work in close partnership with each client to ensure a smooth acquisition process that will benefit their business goals.


We are a highly capitalized firm with a variety of tools for helping our clients secure adequate funding for their project. We also work with clients on implementing long-term strategies to maximize the value of their real estate assets.

Development & Construction Management

We oversee all aspects of a turnkey project, from conception to delivery. We provide comprehensive development services and all phases of construction, including:

  • Project Scheduling
  • Contractor Coordination
  • Cost, Quality, and Safety Analysis
  • Operations
  • Analytics, Entitling and Pricing
  • Design and Pre-Construction Planning
  • Construction
  • Leasing & Operations

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